Hardware Product Development

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Hardware product development allows you to easily create and develop smart products.


Tuya provides network modules, mobile apps, and cloud services. You only need to focus on product function research and development and develop smart products efficiently and quickly with TuyaOS, all-in-one apps, and device panels.

Select a solution

The first step is to create a product and select a product development solution.

  1. Create a product. Follow the instructions in Create Products. In the Select a smart mode section, select TuyaOS.

    Hardware Product Development

  2. Select a solution. Two solutions are available depending on the development complexity and flexibility.

    • No-code development: also known as the system on a chip (SoC) solution.

      Hardware Product Development

    • Custom solution: provides the frequently used MCU SDK development method and highly flexible TuyaOS development method.

      Hardware Product Development

To complete the product creation, you must perform subsequent steps such as functional test, certification, and production based on the different product solutions you choose.

Development procedure

  1. Product Function
  2. Design App UI
  3. Hardware and Embedded System Development
  4. Product Configuration
  5. Product Test
  6. Production
  7. Product Certification