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The solution center accumulates experience in enabling smart products and gathers a variety of complete mass production solutions covering the categories of electrical, lighting, sensors, kitchen appliances, small appliances, and more. It supports mainstream communication protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and, more. You can get the solutions online and create smart-enabled products quickly.

The entrance of solution center

After entering the Solutions Center, select your solution based on the categories and communication protocols. You can see complete development solutions, connection processes, solution applications, comparisons between different communication capacities, and more. You can adopt a present solution to create a product.
Solution Center


  • Rapid Development
  • Low cost: You can select a category with reference to the solutions on display, and get an app panel without coding.

Platform operation

This topic describes how to quickly develop a smart product with the solution, using the Wi-Fi smart socket as an example.

Select a solution

Log in to the Solution Center and choose Hardware Solutions > Electrical > Power control > Socket to see a list of socket solutions. Click the required solutionto view the solution details. For example, you can check the comprehensive function configurations, product connection process, and recommended value-added services.
Solution Center


  • The product DPs of no-code solutions cannot be modified. Make sure the DPs in the solution description meet your requirement.
  • If you need more functions, you can log in to the Tuya Developer Platform and create a product. Select Create > Electrical > Power control > Socket and choose Custom Solution. Develop a smart product with MCU.

Create a solution

Solution Center

Select the communication protocol and other parameters, and click Create My Own, then ednter the product name and product model and click OK to create a solution.
Solution Center

Purchase a module online

Solution Center

After the firmware is generated in step 3 Hardware Commission of the product creating procedure, you can purchase the module. After you place your order, Tuya service staff will contact you and help you with product development and debugging offline.

In step 4 Product Configuration of the product creating procedure, you can configure more functions for your app.

After the product development and app configuration are completed, you can launch trial and mass production, and put your products into the market.