MiniApp Development

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Develop, test, deploy, and manage user-friendly multi-platform MiniApps from a single codebase, in a way like building web apps, but with extra abundant capabilities.

Tuya MiniApp


  • Multi-platform
    Maintain one codebase and deploy to iOS and Android to simplify workflows.

  • Updates on the fly
    Version iterations without app launches simplify lightweight updates on the fly.

  • Native experience
    Quick loading and smooth running create a native app experience.

  • MiniApp development
    Cost-effective transition lets you develop MiniApps similar to web applications.

Smart miniapp

The smart miniapp is used to add custom features not included in the Tuya-enabled mobile apps. This cost-effective solution can help you create native applications within your mobile app, making your product stand out in the market.
For more information, see Smart MiniApp.

Panel miniapp

A panel on the mobile app allows users to control a smart device. The device features are displayed on the panel for user interaction. For example, users can adjust the brightness and color of the lights using a panel.

Panel miniapp is an approach to developing miniapps used as control panels of smart devices. The cross-platform development capabilities allow you to create a panel application that can run on all Tuya-enabled mobile apps with just one codebase, providing a native-like user experience.
For more information, see Panel MiniApp.