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Make Voice Skill Support More Categories

Last Updated on : 2022-09-29 11:24:58

What are categories supported by a voice skill?

A voice skill is designed to support multiple device categories. The categories are the device classification defined on different voice platforms, for example, lights, sockets, and home appliances. To activate a certain category, a voice skill must be developed, tested, and reviewed. Finally, users can control a device of this category by using the voice skill. Otherwise, the voice skill does not support this category.

Activate a category


Your branded voice skill is created. If you do not have a voice skill, purchase and activate one.


  1. Go to Tuya IoT Development Platform > OEM Voice Skill > Skill Management, select a voice platform, and then purchase and activate a voice skill. Then, go to the Product Categories tab and click Activate Other Categories to purchase the Add Action Support Category service.

  2. After this service is purchased, Tuya will contact you within one to three working days.

  3. Then, Tuya will develop and test the respective voice skill to support your desired category.

  4. Tuya reviews the tested voice skill and launch it on a voice skill store.

    Make Voice Skill Support More Categories

    Make Voice Skill Support More Categories