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All-in-One App

Last Updated on : 2023-04-25 08:23:47download

An all-in-one app is an IoT app created based on the no-code development solution. The all-in-one app is ready-to-use after being downloaded. You can deliver this app to users, or use it to debug a device during the device development stage.

Both the Smart Life app and Smart Industry app are all-in-one apps. You can download them in either of the following ways:

Download Smart Life app

Use this QR code to download the app:

Download the QR code of the Smart Life app

All-in-One App

Download Smart Industry app

iOS version

Search and download Smart Industry from Apple’s App Store.

All-in-One App

Android version

Visit https://smartapp.tuya.com/tyindustry and scan the following QR code to download the Smart Industry app.

All-in-One App