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App development platform provides multiple development methods such as no-code or IoT App SDK development to maximize the monetization of IoT apps.
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Cloud Development

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Cloud Development Platform is an open IoT cloud platform created by Tuya. It provides various cloud services including OpenAPI for app developers, device manufacturers, and solution providers. The cloud service covers the general capabilities of device control, home management, scene automation, and more. It also integrates the PaaS capabilities in the vertical fields of smart security, smart commercial lighting, smart community, smart hotel, and smart apartment. Backed by the Cloud Development Platform, ‘Powered by Tuya’ devices, and technology services, you can quickly create industry solutions in terms of smart city, smart commerce, smart industry, and beyond.

Typical application scenarios

Device management system and big data platform

Tuya network modules can help you quickly implement smart products. The OpenAPI provided by the Cloud Development Platform can assist in building a device management system and big data platform to help you achieve better business development.
For instance, an energy company can build its own energy data system based on the Cloud Development Platform, thus conducting a proper resource scheduling of energy equipment for cost-efficiency improvement.

Leading industry solutions

With the accumulation of hardware ecosystem, software services, and cloud capabilities from the commercial practices in diversified industries, Tuya can help solution providers produce competitive vertical industry solutions flexibly.
For instance, a hotel solution provider can purchase various hardware devices including electrical lighting and home appliances from Tuya, and implement service functions in hotel scenarios.


  • Quick development capability

    After the device is connected to the Internet, third-party client-terminal (app) developers of hardware manufacturers or device purchasers can use the Open API or SDK provided by Cloud Development Platform to quickly develop native applications (Android/iOS) and web applications, such as IoT WeChat Mini Programs, SaaS backends, and cloud platforms.

  • Convenient device linkage

    All IoT devices connected to Tuya Cloud can be controlled by the cloud through authorized API calls. Developers can develop the device groups’ internal business logic by calling APIs. Device status monitoring is opened in the form of message queues to enable third-party developers to monitor device status and to achieve the interconnect between different devices.

  • Powerful cross-platform capabilities

    Tuya AI+IoT Development Platform has achieved the cross-chip platform and cross-communication platform capabilities. Tuya Smart supports up to seven mainstream communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, BLE, BLE Mesh, Zigbee, NB-IoT, GPRS, and Sub-G. Among them, Tuya Smart also supports both 2.4G and 5G dual-band Wi-Fi connection technology.

  • Multi-dimensional data association method

    Cloud Development Platform also supports multi-dimensional data association methods.

    • Scan Tuya Smart app to authorize association

    Download, install and register on the Tuya Smart app. Then, bind the device and scan the code to grant authorization to the developer. The developer will obtain the operation permission of the device under his or her account.

    • Application association

    The device, bounded by a user, belongs to the application created by the developer in Tuya Cloud, and the developer has the operating permission of such devices. For example, if devices are paired through Tuya OEM app or the app developed based on the Tuya App SDK, developers can manage such devices through API.

    • Product association

    The product belongs to the developer’s Tuya Cloud IoT account, and the developer has the operating permission of such devices. For example, create a product on the Tuya AI+IoT Development Platform (IoT Console) and purchase the corresponding module to generate it. After the network is configured for such devices, the specific device list can be queried based on the product ID through the API. Then, data subscription monitoring or API control can be carried out.

    • Association through IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK

    The device configures the network through WeChat mini program SDK. The IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK is associated with the developer’s cloud applications, and the developer has the operating permission of such devices. For example, create an IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK on the Tuya AI+IoT Development Platform, associate cloud applications in Cloud Development, and finally, use its devices whose network has been configured.

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