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Tuya’s cloud development is a one-stop development platform for smart solutions, providing fundamental services including IoT Core, Data Analytics, Rule Engine, and more. It covers cloud services in 9 major industries such as real estate, industry, and energy. Furthermore, you can also develop with industry PaaS services including Smart Community, Smart Commercial Lighting, Smart Hotel, and Smart Apartment.
You can develop fundamental cloud services with only a few lines of code, develop PaaS services based on components, and select your desired industry cloud services. Tuya’s massive product ecosystem helps you implement SaaS fast.

Product features

  • Device ecosystem: Over 410,000 types of ‘Powered by Tuya’ devices cover various scenarios to accelerate the implementation of your SaaS applications.
  • Comprehensive IoT-enabled basic capabilities: Develop API-based IoT SaaS applications backed by capabilities like interconnection, registration, authorization, AI, and big data analytics.
  • Open industrial PaaS capabilities: Build industry SaaS solutions on top of Tuya PaaS products for hotels, apartments, communities, lighting, and much more.
  • Standard things data model: Our standard things data model and instruction set are built on proven technologies and designed to simplify the device heterogeneity.
  • Sophisticated developer tool: With API debugging assistant and error code query tool, you get an efficient way to inspect and debug applications hosted in the cloud.
  • Global service deployment: Global deployment of 6 data centers provides end-users in over 200 countries and regions with secure, stable, fast, and compliant IoT cloud services.

Diversified IoT open capabilities

Basic cloud services

Tuya provides the core and basic APIs to meet your requirements in IoT scenes. When creating a cloud project, you can select multiple basic cloud services to speed up your development.

Scenarios Cloud service Description
Device connection Industrial General Device Registration Connect massive smart devices over MQTT and HTTPS protocols, with high availability and auto-scaling clusters.
Device control and management Provide interfaces to manage the life cycle of connected devices and standard instruction models for device control.
Vertical resources Vertical resource applicable APIs are offered to help you develop product-specific features faster, for example, the offline password for smart locks.

Industrial cloud services

Tuya provides you with cloud services suitable for various industrial scenarios. You can easily combine industrial cloud services with basic services to build a cloud platform suitable for your business pattern.

Scenarios Cloud service Description
Smart campus Based on the massive product ecosystem, Tuya encapsulates the APIs of campus office scene components to accelerate your application development.
Smart retail Based on the Tuya Developer Platform, flexibly configure parameters to create application solutions for various scenarios, and achieve smart personalized store operations and management.

Note: For more industrial cloud services, see Industrial Service.

PaaS cloud services

Thanks to a wealth of SaaS solutions, Tuya provides PaaS APIs suitable for various vertical industries and allows you to quickly implement industrial projects.

Scenarios Cloud service Description
Smart community Smart Community The SaaS services based on Tuya Smart Community open up API capabilities for you to customize SaaS on your terms
Commercial lighting Commercial Lighting Based on the professional requirements of users in the commercial lighting environment, Smart Commercial Lighting SaaS provides sufficient lighting control strategies. You can implement smart operations and management of architectural lighting. A complete solution is offered to encompass construction, batch management, automation control, and classified energy statistics, backed by the App SDK.

Easy-to-use development tools

Cloud service center

Tuya opens up basic, industrial, and PaaS services to cater to your specific project needs.

Cloud Development

API Explorer

A one-stop web-based API tool allows you to retrieve API products, debug API calls, and automatically generate code.

Cloud Development

Device debugging tool

Debug smart devices in aspects of two-way communication, device logs, virtual connected devices, and data reporting simulation.

Cloud Development

Fast development process

You can develop an IoT application in just four steps. For more information, see Device Control Practice.

Cloud Development


Device management system and big data platform

After brand owners create IoT products with Tuya’s modules, they can leverage the open cloud capabilities to efficiently build a device management system and big data platform. For example, energy companies can build an energy data system to efficiently dispatch devices and allocate resources. This helps to create savings that can be passed on to consumers.

Cloud Development

Build industry SaaS solutions

Based on business practices in dozens of industries, Tuya has a well-connected device ecosystem, comprehensive software services, and extended cloud capabilities. These advantages help industry solution providers build highly competitive solutions with convenience and flexibility. For example, smart hotel solution providers purchase electrical devices, lighting, and home appliances from Tuya, and achieve plenty of cloud-based features.

A smart campus solution provider purchases ‘Powered by Tuya’ devices, manages devices by assets, and builds a multi-terminal application system. It encompasses smart campus screens, an app for construction personnel, and an app for teachers.

Cloud Development

Vertical resource solutions

Open capabilities of vertical resources for business practices in different industries can boost the implementation of industry applications. You can consult Tuya solution experts for detailed industrial solutions.

Smart agriculture

With the underlying technologies of Tuya’s IoT ecosystem, the agricultural data collected by smart sensors are continuously published to the cloud and processed to implement precision agriculture.

Cloud Development

Smart industry

Tuya provides smart industry solutions that are based on edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence, PaaS cloud platforms, and the software and hardware ecosystem. The solutions enable device connection, monitoring, data storage, analytics, and visualization in the production process. You can achieve the smart collaboration of massive industrial devices, smart control, and O&M of the manufacturing process.

Cloud Development

Smart real estate

Tuya’s IoT underlying technical architecture underpins Tuya’s ecosystem capabilities. The average processing time in the cloud does not exceed 10 ms, and its stability, security, and scalability have been fully proven. The open architecture and systems address the needs for smart upgrades in the real estate industry. Solutions can be easily developed for ISV applications to increase the ROI for real estate technology companies, system integrators, ISV, and more.

Cloud Development

Smart elderly care

The underlying capabilities of Tuya IoT empower the Tuya ecosystem to integrate with health monitoring products. Systematic health data is collected and archived to assist in efficient health consultation for the elderly.

Cloud Development

Smart campus

Tuya opens up full-link PaaS capabilities that cover devices, cloud services, and clients.

  • Independent hardware vendors (IHVs) can integrate smart educational devices into the Powered by Tuya (PBT) ecosystem through open hardware integration capabilities to enjoy the global multi-channel promotion.
  • Catering to the needs of a smart campus, ISVs can create specified scenario applications based on the PBT ecosystem, and jointly implement the smart campus project with the SIs.
Cloud Development

Smart energy

Tuya smart energy solutions rely on the capabilities of the Tuya Developer Platform. You can employ PaaS solutions and multi-scenario SaaS applications to implement required energy data features.

Cloud Development