Operation Guide

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Before you develop SaaS applications, create a cloud development project on the Tuya Developer Platform and make the required configurations. This topic describes how to manage the cloud projects, devices, APIs, and other respective resources. For more information, see the following documents:

  • Manage Projects: In cloud development, you can easily create and delete cloud projects. Each cloud project has an independent space of resources, allowing you to manage the specific devices, assets, user data, APIs, and message subscription configurations in each project.

  • Manage API Services: Cloud development provides a bunch of cloud service products. You can choose and subscribe to the desired API service to suit your project needs. You can authorize the cloud projects to use API services at any time, and enable or disable API services as you want.

  • Manage Devices: Cloud development provides multi-dimensional device management features, enabling you to manage device resources at various levels under cloud projects. For example, use device pairing tools, add virtual devices, and link with existing devices.

  • Manage Authorization: You can create multiple authorizations for a cloud project, get the authorization key, and thus build a multi-terminal authorization system.

  • Message Service: In cloud development, you can set up the Pulsar message subscription feature, so that your server can receive real-time messages pushed by the cloud. Thus, you can keep track of your devices or other business conditions.

  • Data Statistics: You can view various data, such as the total usage of project resources, the number of API requests, and the number of message subscriptions. This way, you gain insight into the resource usage of the project.