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Manage API Services

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Tuya IoT Development Platform opens up a variety of API services to meet different requirements. For example, the following services can be implemented: smart home management, industrial general device and user management, open capabilities of vertical categories, and various data services. This topic describes the details and pricing of API services. It also provides guidance on how to subscribe to API services and authorize projects to call API operations.

Personal data privacy statement

Some API calls will get users’ personal data. Therefore, you are obliged to formulate a personal data privacy statement in accordance with your local laws or regulations and take adequate measures to ensure that users’ personal privacy data is fully protected.

View API service overview

On the details page of API services, you can find the overview, pricing, API list, and authorized projects.

  1. Log in to the platform.
  2. Choose Cloud > My Services.
  3. On the My Services page, click an API service.
  4. On the details page of the API service, you can find the Overview and API List sections.
    • Overview
      Manage API Services
    • API List
      Manage API Services

Subscribe to API services

The platform opens up API services to meet various business needs. You can subscribe to the desired ones. The following sections describe the subscription steps.

Note: During the project creation process, by default, certain API services that support the specified development method are selected. For more information, see Configuration wizard.

  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. Subscribe to the API service in the following way.
    Choose Cloud > Development > Cloud Management, and click the created project to enter the details page. Click the Service API tab > Go to Authorize, find the required unsubscribed API products from the drop-down list, and then click Subscribe.

    Manage API Services

  3. On the details page of the API service, click Subscribe.

  4. On the page that appears, select the service and payment method and click Buy Now.

Authorize project to call APIs

After you subscribe to an API service, you need to authorize projects to call this API.

  1. Choose My Services > Subscribed Services, click one service to enter the details page, click Authorized Projects, and then click Add Authorization.
    Manage API Services

  2. In the Add Authorization dialog box, select a project for authorization.

  3. Click OK to complete authorization.

  4. (Optional) Click Revoke Authorization to revoke the access to this API operation from the project.

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