View Cloud Monitoring Logs

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Cloud development provides the Cloud Monitoring feature for you to query logs of both messages and API calls. These logs help you easily troubleshoot problems during the development process.


Cloud Monitoring logs are available to all customers, but the service content differs among various customer groups in the following ways.

  • The cloud monitoring feature provides log storage only after you have a paid subscription. Moreover, log storage durations vary depending on your edition of IoT Core.

  • You can get a 6-hour free trial of the cloud monitoring feature. At the end of the trial, this feature will be automatically disabled and can be enabled again if needed.

Step 1: Enable the feature

Logging and storage begin only after cloud monitoring is enabled. In other words, you can only query the logs that are generated after the cloud monitoring feature is enabled.

  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.
  2. Choose Cloud > Cloud Monitoring > Server Message Log.
  3. Enable Cloud Monitoring.
    • If you subscribe to a paid edition of IoT Core, click Enable.

    • If you subscribe to a free trial edition of IoT Core, when you click Enable, a dialog box appears. Click Trial on the dialog box. If you plan a commercial use of your IoT applications, we recommend that you upgrade to the paid edition of IoT Core.

      View Cloud Monitoring Logs

Step 2: Query logs

After the cloud monitoring feature is enabled, you can query logs. Take the server message logs as an example. You can select the time range in which the logs are generated, and click Search to view the logs for the specified time range.

  • Server message logs

    Message logs show the full process of message delivery. Errors are marked as failures. You can click an error to find out more details.

    View Cloud Monitoring Logs
  • API logs

    API logs contain all the stages of a request. Errors are marked as failures. You can click an error to find out more details.

    View Cloud Monitoring Logs

If excessive logs are returned, you can further shorten the time range or provide more filtering criteria. This way, you can find the desired logs with ease.