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TuyaLink is an open solution that enables IoT devices, including proprietary network modules and smart devices, to connect to Tuya’s cloud services.

It lowers the bar for IoT development by integrating with Tuya’s IoT Core technologies, including things data model, rule engines, data parsing, device management, operations and monitoring, alert management, OTA firmware updates, and application development.

TuyaLink allows you to quickly integrate with the Tuya ecosystem and achieve interconnectivity between devices across different domains. A range of development resources for PaaS, SaaS, and app helps you implement IoT projects with improved cost-efficiency and reduced lead time.

Product architecture


TuyaLink is designed to enable your existing connected devices to quickly integrate with the Tuya ecosystem. This way, you can leverage the IoT technologies and cloud resources and services provided by the Tuya IoT Development Platform to develop diverse IoT applications for improving and expanding your business offerings.


TuyaLink applies to proprietary network modules or all IoT-connected devices (referring to smart devices not using Tuya’s modules). The end-to-end services help you connect, control, and manage IoT devices in one place in terms of device models, device development and debugging, and data parsing as well as app, SaaS, and PaaS development.

Development process


The procedure to connect to the Tuya IoT Development Platform is broken up into the following steps. The following topics will walk you through each step.

  1. Quick Start
  2. Function Definition
  3. Device Development
  4. Device Management
  5. Online Debugging
  6. Data Parsing
  7. Application Development