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Based on the public cloud deployed across the world, the Tuya Developer Platform processes hundreds of millions of requests and interactions per day and interconnects smart devices in varied smart scenes.

The platform offers full-fledged development and connectivity solutions. It can connect to your proprietary network modules, existing smart devices, and devices that are already connected to third-party clouds.


Various connection options cater to your needs, including Tuya MQTT standard protocol, Tuya IoT Core SDK, cloud-to-cloud integration, and edge gateways. They can help you connect proprietary network modules, smart devices, or third-party cloud connected devices to the Tuya Developer Platform and interconnect with Tuya’s ecosystem, without changes to the hardware.


The generic IoT things data model (defined by property, event, and action) makes complex function definition easier to implement.


Supporting services, such as online debugging, data parsing, and API debugger, help you debug faster and more efficiently.


A range of development resources and support: industry SaaS and PaaS solutions, compatibility with all Tuya-based apps, and easy-to-build Mini Apps. Various low-code development tools can reduce development costs and shorten the lead time.


High availability and concurrency services ensure a stable, robust, and secure connection and can process hundreds of millions of requests per day.