Value-Added Service

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Tuya provides an extensive range of value-added services to enhance the capabilities and user experience of your OEM apps. You can integrate these services and reduce the time to market for your apps.


Take the no-code development of an OEM app for iOS as an example. You can subscribe to certain value-added services and enrich the app with useful features, including but not limited to:

  • Integrate iOS apps with Siri to promote the user experience of voice control.
  • Integrate iOS apps with Apple Widget, so users can get timely information from your apps at a glance on the Home Screen.
  • Integrate iOS apps with Apple Watch, so users can access your app and enable device control and monitoring simply from Apple Watches.

You can also benefit from the following app services and functionalities:

  • Display the pairing device list by countries or regions to simply the process of pairing smart devices with your apps.
  • Subscribe to and configure account verification by SMS to ensure account security and verification accuracy.
  • Use Custom App Tools to tailor app themes, icons, and other styles to your needs and deliver a personalized experience.
  • Subscribe to Multi-Device Smart Control to simplify multi-device management and control for users.
  • Subscribe to Custom Domain Name, so your OEM app can have a unique domain name and provide users with independent services.

The integration with value-added services can vary, depending on your specific business conditions.


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