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To configure a custom domain name for your app, you can subscribe to Tuya’s Custom Domain Name service. After a custom domain name is configured and becomes effective, rebuild your app and pair smart devices with the app. Then, the network requests initiated by the app and newly-paired devices will be processed through the custom domain name. This helps improve the uniqueness of your app services.

Domain name types

A smart app and respective smart devices in service initiate network requests to access a certain domain name for data transmission. Tuya supports two types of domain name services:

  • Default domain name service: Without any configurations, the apps developed based on Tuya’s OEM App and App SDK services are built with the domain names provided by Tuya.

  • Custom Domain Name: Based on the Custom Domain Name service, network requests will be forwarded to a domain name customized to your needs. This topic describes how to configure a custom domain name.

    The Tuya Developer Platform currently does not support your existing domain name. If you have special requirements, submit a ticket to request support.

Things to note

For mobile apps

  • Active starting app version: When you configure a custom domain name, set an active starting app version.

    • If the app is built before the custom domain name becomes effective, the app still runs with the default domain name.
    • After the custom domain name is configured, rebuild the app with the specified active starting version or later. Then, the custom domain name becomes effective.
  • Minimum version: The Custom Domain Name service supports OEM app template v4.1.0 and later only. If a custom domain name is configured for an OEM app that is built with the template earlier than v4.1.0, this custom domain name might not take effect. You can check the template version information on the details page of your OEM app.

    Custom Domain Name
  • Special conditions: The custom domain name applies to main pages and features of the app. However, for legacy features, specific third-party pages, and URLs configured on your own, or in other special conditions, the domain name might fail to take effect. In this case, you can submit a ticket to request technical support.

For devices

Pair associated smart devices again with the app that has a custom domain name newly configured. Otherwise, the custom domain name will not take effect for these smart devices. They will still access the default domain name to transmit data.

Unsupported locations

If your app users cover those inside mainland China, the app domain name must first go through domain name filing. As a result, custom domain names are currently not supported. In this case, your app runs with the domain name provided by Tuya.

Impact on app services on the fly

After the custom domain name is configured, your app and respective smart devices in service will not make user-facing changes.

Period of validity

A custom domain name is valid for one year after it takes effect. If the subscription expires, the domain name will be ineffective. Thus, users cannot access the respective app and smart devices through the domain name as expected.

You must renew the subscription timely before the custom domain name expires. Otherwise, certain problems and responsibilities might be incurred, including but not limited to that the app is disabled, existing paired smart devices cannot be accessed or used, and end users initiate complaints and claims for compensation. In this case, if you fail to renew the subscription, all relevant responsibilities and liabilities will be undertaken by you.


Step 1: Subscribe to service

  1. Log in to the Tuya Developer Platform.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, go to App > OEM App > App Creation > Create App.

    Custom Domain Name

  3. Find your app to be configured and click Configure in the Operation column.

  4. In the development wizard of your OEM app, select Step 3 Configure App and find Custom Domain Name. Click Set to go to the Custom Domain Name tab.

    Custom Domain Name

  5. Subscribe to Custom Domain Name for your app as instructed. The initial subscription and subsequent renewal are paid on an annual basis.

  6. You must first carefully read and accept the Custom Domain Name Service Agreement. The specific content of the agreement is subject to that displayed on the platform.

    Custom Domain Name

Step 2: Configure required information

  1. Select a domain name that you prefer. You can enter a keyword for the preferred domain name and choose one from the similar available domain names that appear.

    Currently, the top-level domain name can only be .net or .com.

  2. Confirm the active starting app version.

    • We recommend that you specify an unused app version as the active starting app version.
    • If the latest version has been launched, we recommend that you build a new version.

    Custom Domain Name

  3. Submit the settings.

Step 3: Wait for the notification of finished configuration

This process will take three to five working days in most cases. The registration and configuration result will be sent to you by email and SMS.

Custom Domain Name

  • During the registration and configuration, Tuya will help to register your specified domain name. In certain special conditions, the domain name might fail to be registered. Then, Tuya will notify you by email and SMS of the registration failure. You can select another custom domain name and submit the settings again.

    Custom Domain Name

  • After the custom domain name is registered and configured, rebuild the app to make the custom domain name take effect. The custom domain name automatically applies to the subsequent new app versions without additional app configurations.

    Custom Domain Name

Step 4: Check validity and renew subscription

You can check the validity period of the custom domain name on the Custom Domain Name tab and timely renew the subscription if needed.

If you failed to renew the subscription timely before the service expires, the app and respective smart devices that are accessed through the custom domain name will not be accessed as normal. This will cause a serious impact on your business and your end users’ experience. For more information, see Period of validity.

Tuya will notify you by email or SMS of timely renewal prior to the expiration.

Mapping between domain name and data center

After you select a preferred domain name during the configuration, the system automatically generates and configures the second-level domain name or third-level domain name required by different data centers and services. The custom domain name is configured in this format: Service prefix-Data center.Specified custom domain name.

For example, if you select the domain name:, the following custom domain names are generated for the respective data centers:

  • Western America Data Center: Service
  • Central Europe Data Center: Service
  • India Data Center: Service

A service prefix is an identifier of a specific service and is subject to Tuya’s setting. You can ignore this setting.