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Tuya Smart provides five major products and services, and completes the one-stop infrastructure construction of cloud, networking module, and app for smart products. The development solutions provided by Tuya help you complete the intelligent upgrade for products in one day at the earliest. You can use the full-link value-added service and data analytics platform to create smart products that are competitive in the global market.

Network modules

After six generations of updating, the network module has the following outstanding advantages:

  • Strong and stable connections
  • Broad signal coverage
  • Small size
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide variety of interfaces
  • Plug and play anywhere across the globe

The proprietary network module of Tuya has obtained multiple authoritative certifications, and it helps you quickly stand out in global markets competition.

Tuya Developer Platform

Tuya is committed to providing secure, stable, and fast cloud services to global customers. The platform can cope with hundreds of millions of massive data and has tens of millions of concurrent requests processing capability, providing users with uninterrupted computing services. For more information, see What is Tuya Developer Platform.

The platform has the following outstanding advantages:

  • Globally deployed: broad service coverage
  • Globally delivered: high-speed network
  • Auto-scaling: high availability
  • Data security: safeguard for user devices
  • Open platform: a wealth of standard APIs

App design and development

Tuya provides the Tuya Smart app and Tuya OEM app development solutions.

  • Tuya Smart app: the solution is convenient and immediately available. For more information, see the reference of Tuya Smart App.

  • Tuya OEM app: the solution requires no additional development resources, and brand-specific apps can be created within 3 days. Tuya OEM app supports the flexible configuration, you can freely add your highlighting brand feature in the app. For more information, see the reference of Tuya OEM App.

Data analytics and operation

The data analytics service of Tuya drives your business growth with a full range of collected data, and covers the data dimensions of device management, sales insight, and consumer usage analysis.

You can use the data to refine user operations, establish seamless connections with users, respond with opportunities in real time, and seize marketing opportunities.

Value-added service

Tuya provides full-link value-added services from product intelligence to marketing to help you enhance your competitiveness in the global market. For more information, see Overview of value-added service.