TuyaOSWhat is TuyaOS?

What is TuyaOS?

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The IoT makes communication between people and things and between things themselves possible. However, the challenges in the IoT world, such as interoperability, scalability, sheer data volume, application complexity, and a long time to market, hinder the adoption of IoT among the masses. To overcome the barriers to IoT implementation, Tuya provides a development suite to help you get started with IoT development quickly and easily. The kit consists of TuyaOS operating system, TuyaOS EasyGO development kit, and Tuya Wind IDE.


Built on top of RTOS, Linux, and Non-OS, TuyaOS is a distributed and platform-agnostic IoT operating system.

Backed by the TuyaOS kernel and various development components, TuyaOS is designed to tackle the heterogeneity of platforms, systems, protocols, and applications in order to enable quick and reliable integration, interconnection, interoperability, and compliance.

The tiered and plug-and-play architecture design allows you to quickly tailor a development framework based on your hardware resources and use cases hence reducing the cost of development with high cost performance. Tuya’s proprietary things data model and software bus allow all TuyaOS-based products to be interconnected.


  • Cross-Platform: TuyaOS has been designed to be easily adapted to different chip platforms, systems, and connectivity protocols.

  • Low-Code: Various service subsystems enable quick product development of different types.

  • Versatile: Diverse capabilities help you build products for different use cases in the IoT field.

  • Highly-Tailored: The plug-and-play (PnP) layered architecture gives you the flexibility to tailor applications to your needs.

  • Interconnected: Tuya’s proprietary things data model and software bus enable interconnection between devices across protocols.

  • Security compliance: End-to-end security ensures data security and privacy and meets global compliance requirements.

  • Ecosystem integration: Integrate your product with third-party ecosystems, such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Matter.

  • Technology innovations: Leverage Tuya’s proprietary technologies including Tuya FFC, Tuya Galaxy Link, Tuya IHU, Tuya U-RTC, and Tuya Flash Provisioning.

System architecture

The architecture has five layers from bottom to top:

  • Kernel Layer (TKL): It is designed and defined with the principle of the least dependency and provided to the developers in the form of TuyaOS APIs. The kernel provides a stable, reliable, and consistent environment to run the upper-layer software.

  • Abstraction Layer (TAL): It abstracts away all the details of system services, connectivity protocols, multimedia, and security capabilities. Simple and standard methods are offered for service requests.

  • Libraries Layer: It provides middleware that is independent of specific service implementation.

  • Services: It provides application development services in the form of scenario-specific service subsystems.

  • Application: It contains the applications implemented by developers.

    What is TuyaOS?

TuyaOS EasyGo

TuyaOS EasyGo is a collective term for TuyaOS-based development kits, helping you develop IoT products with low-code development.


  • Development framework: contains the type development kit and the development platform.

    • Type development kit: comprises a range of scenario-specific SDKs built on top of TuyaOS service subsystems and underlying infrastructure, meeting the needs of different resource demands and availability.

    • Development platform: comprises the TuyaOS API implementation on specific chip platforms and management tools, providing a consistent runtime environment and development experience.

      TuyaOS EasyGO offers a bunch of domain-specific Type Development Kits across different chip platforms for you to choose from.

      What is TuyaOS?
  • Product development kit: contains vertical-specific low-code development kits built on top of development frameworks, helping you quickly develop products for a specific niche.

    What is TuyaOS?


TuyaOS EasyGo is developed and maintained by Tuya. It is broken down into three parts:

  • Development: The product development kits and development frameworks are developed and iterated by dedicated development teams.

  • Management: Each build handed over to the testing team is thoroughly tested, along with a test report.

  • Publishing: Before a build can be released, it will be reviewed from different perspectives.

    What is TuyaOS?

Rigorous development process and project implementation ensure the quality of development, management, and publishing.

Tuya Wind IDE

Tuya Wind IDE (integrated development environment) provides comprehensive facilities to TuyaOS EasyGo developers.


  • TuyaOS EasyGo materials are distributed, managed, and updated on Tuya Wind IDE.

  • You can log in to Tuya Wind IDE with the account of Tuya IoT Development Platform to access the materials.

  • Tuya Wind IDE is provided as an extension of Visual Studio Code and is available in both English and Chinese.

  • Tuya Wind IDE is designed to deliver a consistent development experience across hosts and programming tools.


When you develop with Tuya Wind IDE, you will go through the following steps:

  1. Install Tuya Wind IDE

  2. Log in to Tuya Wind IDE.

  3. Download development framework

  4. Create an application project.

  5. Develop and debug applications.

  6. Test and publish your product.

    What is TuyaOS?