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Configure Push Notification

Last Updated on : 2022-09-21 03:47:56download

A push notification is a type of product notification, which allows you to specify product alert conditions for real-time monitoring of product status.
For a running product, if the value of a function exceeds the set threshold, or if certain real-time information needs to be sent to users, the app will instantly send push notifications to users. This guarantees the product is running as expected.


You have created at least one product. For more information, see Create Products.


Step 1: Enter the page for device message notification

  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform and enter My Products.

  2. Select a product in the Developing status, and click Continue to Develop in the Operation column.

  3. Click the Product Configuration tab.

  4. Find the Device Notification section and click Settings.

    Configure Push Notification

Step 2: Create a message notification

  1. Click Create device message notification.

    Configure Push Notification

  2. In the drop-down list of Product Information, select the PID of the product that needs push notifications.

    Configure Push Notification

    Note: If the selected PID is already set with a message template, a recommendation card will appear. You can quickly apply the template. If you do not see any recommendations, it might be that the product is not configured with any DPs and you can try again after adding a DP.

  3. Set the notification content. Enter the title and content in both Chinese and English.

    Configure Push Notification

  4. Set the notification rules.

    1. (Optional) Check Automatically turn on this device message notification after approval. After you create the notification, the device message notification will be enabled automatically.
      If you do not check it when you create a notification, you can enable it after the notification is approved. In the Device message notification list, enable Notification status in the column of Operation.

      Configure Push Notification

    2. Click New Rule to complete the rule setting.

      Configure Push Notification

      Options Description
      Trigger conditions You can select Generic trigger conditions or Others (DP trigger conditions).
      • Generic trigger conditions: Only supported by the Premium Edition.
      • DP trigger conditions: You must select a DP condition. If you select DP trigger conditions and you want to select multiple DP conditions, you must subscribe to the Premium Edition.
        Note: If the DP trigger conditions field is invalid, you must go to product development to add DPs for the product.
      Set the notification level In the drop-down list, select a notification level. It is divided into three levels: Notify, Slight, and Serious. On the app, push notifications of different levels in the device list or sent to users are displayed in different colors.
      Notification target You can select Notify users or Receive this message notification in device message monitoring.
      Push mode You can select Notification Center, Push Notification and Notification Center, and Line Push.
      If you select Push Notification and Notification Center, you must complete the setting of voice type, push link, and push message interval.
      Delayed push Optional. After you check the function, you must select a specified time. Only the Premium Edition supports the function.
  5. Preview the device push notification. You can preview the push notification display on the right side of the current page, and you can switch the UI text language between Chinese and English to view the display in different languages.

  6. Click Save to complete creating the device message notification.

  7. After you see Creating succeeded, the device message notification has been created successfully.

Step 3: Wait for approval

After the device message notification is created, if the status is Under approval, you have to wait for about one workday for approval.

Note: If you are using the template recommended by Tuya, and you have not made any modifications to the name and content of the message, the notification can be approved without review.

Other operations (Optional)

  • Manage the multilingual UI texts
    You have two ways to manage the multilingual UI texts.

    • When you see the prompt showing Creating succeded, you can click Forward to go to the page of Product Language and edit the multilingual UI texts.

      Configure Push Notification
    • You can also wait until the prompt closes, in the Device message notification list, click Multilingual Management in the Operation column to edit the multilingual UI texts.

  • Fast copy an existing device message notification
    After creating a new device message notification for a product, you can quickly apply it to other products.

    Note: If you cannot find the desired product in the pop-up window, it indicates that the notification is not applicable to the product. The reason might be that the DP of this product does not meet the requirements of the notification. You can try again after adding a corresponding DP.

    1. In the Device message notification list, click Fast copy in the Operation column.

      Configure Push Notification

    2. Select the required PID in the Optional products list.

      Configure Push Notification
    3. Click Determine application to apply the existing push notification to the corresponding PID.

      Configure Push Notification

Upgrade to the Premium Edition

Since November 18, 2021, only the Premium Edition supports the following functions. If you want to use these functions, please update the service of device message notification to the Premium Edition.

  • Generic trigger conditions: device status, device OTA update, device activation, and accumulated online duration.

    Configure Push Notification
  • Combined DP trigger conditions are only available to the Premium Edition.

    Configure Push Notification

  • Delayed push is only available to the Premium Edition.

    Configure Push Notification

Note: Old configurations are still valid. To edit and modify the old configurations, you must upgrade the service to the Premium Edition.

View the push notifications list

  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. In the left navigation bar, choose Product > Device > Notifications to view the related content, including the notification information, approval status, notification status, trigger rule, and more.

    Configure Push Notification