IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK

Last Updated on : 2023-10-09 01:57:18

Tuya provides the IoT WeChat Mini Program solution to help users pair and control smart devices across categories and brands simply on Tencent WeChat, share devices with other WeChat users, and enable scene linkage. You can bind a WeChat mini program with an official account on WeChat and push notifications from devices to the official account to increase user engagement. You can also build an OEM WeChat mini program and integrate it with your OEM app to optimize your operational and promotional efficiency.

Solution introduction

For certain popular smart products with simple features, if users access them on a dedicated app, user friendliness might be reduced. Instead, WeChat mini programs bring a lower barrier to entry and higher user stickiness by virtue of the out-of-the-box feature. WeChat mini programs perfectly meet your needs in advancement of IoT products.

To simplify the integration of the IoT WeChat Mini Program solution into your project, Tuya provides the following integration methods: OEM WeChat mini program, cloud function, and cloud plug-in.

IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK
  • OEM WeChat mini program: You can effortlessly build a branded mini program that supports efficient control of smart devices. For more information, see OEM IoT WeChat Mini Program.

  • Cloud plug-in: This is a plug-in that does not require additional investment in development. You can configure its themes and leverage the built-in service logic to seamlessly integrate it into your existing WeChat mini program project. At present, Tuya’s existing cloud plug-ins include the smart pairing plug-in, automation plug-in, generic panel plug-in, and message center plug-in.

  • Cloud function: A cloud function includes authentication and interface distribution of the Tuya IoT Development Platform, and saves you the server-side development and cloud-cloud connection. You can call cloud functions to easily develop branded WeChat mini programs as required and implement the control and management of Tuya-enabled devices. The following sequence diagram shows the process to call a cloud function.

    IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK

Select IoT WeChat mini program solution

  • Use case 1: Have development experience in WeChat mini program development

    If you own an R&D team, you only need to create a WeChat Mini Program project on the Tuya IoT Development Platform, deploy cloud functions, and then run the WeChat mini program demo. After you finish the demo as instructed, you can make API requests and start development.

  • Use case 2: Have development experience, but no experience in WeChat mini program development

    If you own an R&D team that lacks experience in developing WeChat mini programs, the team can read the following WeChat’s documentation to get an overall understanding of WeChat mini programs:

Customize development of WeChat mini program

To customize your WeChat mini program development, you can submit a request (currently in Chinese only) and get professional services from Tuya’s engineers.

Technical support

After reading the documentation, if you have questions, suggestions, complaints, or requirements during your journey of WeChat mini program development, submit a ticket or request customer services to get support.