Value-Added Services

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Tuya is committed to the expansion of your global smart product business. For this purpose, Tuya has launched a plan to provide full-link value-added services for smart products. On top of Tuya’s robust ecosystem, you can innovate in the platform service mode, build global competitiveness of smart products, and benefit from the full-link services in the global market.


Help enterprises achieve a second leap after smart products are created.

  • Polish differentiated product features

    Diverse products and value-added services, such as IP camera video streaming, make your products stand out in the market.

  • Erect personalized brands

    Value-added services, such as skill customization, allow your brand to be exposed on world-renowned platforms and increase brand exposure.

  • Improve delivery efficiency

    Works With Alexa (WWA) and other compliance benefits directly or indirectly help you promote traffic, increase consumers’ purchase possibility, and substantially boost product sales.

Core value-added services

App services

A bunch of cost-effective, updated features works together to promote your product delivery and achieve traffic monetization. A dozen of services are available, such as app launch, OEM app update, Siri access, Widget access, and Apple Watch access.

Value-Added Services

For more information, see App Service.

Smart voice services

This section includes third-party voice assistants integration and skills customization. Smart voice services enable your products to be integrated with popular smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Baidu DuerOS, and Xiaoai. By customizing your branded skills, the future smart home control hub is within your reach now.

Value-Added Services

For more information, see Smart Voice.

Certification services

Provide Works With Alexa (WWA), Works With Google Assistant (WWGA), and other certification services, which are endorsed by top platforms worldwide, helping to capture global consumers quickly.

Value-Added Services

For more information, see Certification Service.

Functional extension services

Provide custom features such as door lock notifications and cloud recipes, so as to improve product competitiveness. Moreover, strengthen the product advantages, comprehensively create product features, and pursue to meet higher potential requirements on the basis of meeting the basic requirements of customers.

Value-Added Services

For more information, see Functional Extension.

IP camera services

Video cloud storage, streaming media push, and other exclusive services of smart cameras optimize end-users’ experience and explore new business models. Greatly enrich product experience, effectively attract target consumers, quickly occupy the market, and substantially increase the frequency of purchases.

Value-Added Services

For more information, see IP Camera Service.

Marketing services

From traditional TV and newspaper media to the fan economy in the internet era, the marketing and promotion channels are more diversified. In the internet era, the core of marketing is to be oriented by users and produce high-quality content. Tuya provides marketing services for various smart products, such as multilingual support, smart home VR experience software, and marketing video shooting. This helps you explore the requirements of prospective consumers, let them get to know products more comprehensively and intuitively, stimulate their purchasing desires, and thus expand product sales.

Value-Added Services

For more information, see Marketing.

Customization services

Provide varied customized development services for smart products based on Tuya’s solutions, customize product forms and interaction, and design an extremely efficient user experience to meet the diversified requirements on personalized brands. Whole-process custom services consist of industrial design, structural design, user interface customization, and Tuya test. Strive to polish your products to deliver the ultimate user experience.

Value-Added Services

For more information, see Customization.