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TuyaGo is a one-stop platform for you to purchase high-quality smart products across various categories and opt for smart solutions in multiple industries. Also, help you tap into the global market by leveraging a rising number of smart scenes and application terminals. From the perspective of space and functionality, explore huge opportunities for linkage between smart products.

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Application scenarios

Smart featured solutions across industries help empower the future of business.

  • Smart home: Create a wonderful living environment through smart scene configurations and data operations.
  • Smart hotel: Tuya Smart Hotel Platform empowers you to quickly build a smart hotel system.
  • Smart real estate: Set sail and explore the blue ocean market worth hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • Smart apartment: Make apartment management safe and efficient, and get a stable increase in rental income.
  • OEM branding: Industrial design, structural design, and packaging design, with numerous supplier resources.


Procurement solution for smart no-code products

  • Smart home products are ready for purchase and can be shipped within two working days.
  • Smart home products can be processed and customized, including brand information, user manuals, and packaging QR codes.

Featured product library

  • Provide a wide array of the products that you need.
  • Quickly iterate and update the product library to seize market opportunities

Quality assurance

  • All products have passed professional tests regarding software and hardware performance and safety performance.
  • If a quality problem arises, the product can be unconditionally replaced within 30 days.

Standardized management

  • Implement standardized management of procurement, warehousing, logistics, and after-sales services.
  • Provide hand-picked suppliers and products, with an optimized service process.

Control all in one place

The Smart Life app helps achieve connectivity to all the Tuya-enabled smart products and enables these smart products to be controlled simply with the app.

Platform services

  • Flexible payment

    You can choose the desired products, place an order, and pay online. Also, you can pay offline and upload the payment voucher online.

  • Online customer service

    Online customer services are just one click away, helping to quickly resolve problems before, during, and after sales.

  • Novice help

    A novice learning base is ready to quickly guide users to get insight into diverse products and industries.