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Product Development

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The product development kit, built atop the Gateway Type Development Kit, provides the complete application source code to help you develop a customized gateway product.


The product development kit applies to projects that are built using TuyaOS OS development mode and Tuya’s gateway module.

Development kits

Product development kit
Multi-mode gateway The multi-mode gateway has Tuya’s ZS3L module built-in, with support for Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections. It can connect to Tuya-enabled Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), and Bluetooth mesh sub-devices.
Matter gateway The Matter gateway, coming with the Ethernet protocol, is fully compatible with the Matter standard. It is equipped with Tuya’s ZS3L module and capable of connecting to Tuya-enabled Zigbee and Thread sub-devices and interoperating with Matter devices.

Development process

Product Development

Support and help

If you have any problems with TuyaOS development, you can post your questions in the Tuya Developer Forum.