Development Mode

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TuyaOS Central Control Development Framework supports two development modes: TuyaOS OS development and TuyaOS SDK development. For more information, see Development Mode. You can choose a suitable development mode for your purpose. TuyaOS SDK development is mostly used.


The following table provides a comparison between the two development modes.

TuyaOS SDK development TuyaOS OS development
Chip source You select the chip, adapt the board support package (BSP), and develop applications. Tuya integrates the module into the central control device, allowing you to focus on developing applications.
Target developer Planning to integrate the proprietary central control solution with the Tuya IoT Development Platform. Newbie to central control development.
Key difference Need to manage the BSP. No need to manage the BSP.
Microcontroller (upstream) provider You Tuya
Compatible system Linux FreeRTOS and Linux
Programming language C C
Difficulty level Hard. You need to focus on integrating both hardware and software. Medium. You only need to focus on the application layer.
Development time Long Moderate
Hardware development Chip-based hardware development Tuya module-based hardware development

Development process

After you decide on the development mode, select a chip or SDK solution in Tuya Wind IDE and download the respective SDK.

  1. Find the required SDK from the OS solution list in Tuya Wind IDE.

  2. Request access to the SDK. Enter the email address (format: of your account manager. Usually, you would get approval within one working day.

  3. Download the SDK.

  4. Create a product and develop and debug code. For more information, see Create Product.

  5. Release and roll out your product.