Central Control Device Development Kit

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A central control device is a control panel integrated with a host of features including gateway functionality, voice interaction, scene control, and sub-device management and control. Central Control Device Development Kit includes product-specific standard instruction sets defined by Tuya, with simplified development procedures and APIs to help you implement the basic features and user interface.


A multifunctional central control screen acts as a control hub that enables easy interaction between end users and smart devices in smart homes, hotels, and parks. It can connect to and control devices that use protocols such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth mesh.

Central Control Device Development Kit comes with the TuyaOS system, allowing device control by touch screen, voice, and mobile app. It provides a bunch of features including control of devices and scenes, voice skills, home management, smart services, and more. The home hub with this kit integrated can help deliver an ultimate smart life experience.


Central Control Device Development Kit provides the following features.

  • Manage a smart home. Manage the connected sub-devices, including reading data from devices and scenes, device setup, and status reporting. It applies to a host of smart devices such as lights, switches, sockets, air conditioners, and curtain motors.
  • With the gateway functionality implemented, the control panel can add and manage sub-devices over Zigbee and upload voice commands.
  • Add Wi-Fi devices through LAN-based auto-scan.
  • Control sub-devices and Wi-Fi devices over LAN and detect online/offline status.
  • UI customization

Memory footprint

The UI engine adopts a lightweight, low-footprint, and feature-rich UI architecture.