Capability Map

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TuyaOS Central Control Development Framework provides service-based capabilities in the form of APIs. This allows you to focus on application innovation without caring about the underlying logic.

This topic describes the capabilities provided by the framework.


Activation with QR Code

Capability Description
Activation with QR code After the SDK is initialized and connected, active_shourturl_cb is invoked to create a QR code. The user can scan the QR code using the mobile app to get and send the token to the device for activation.

Device control

Capability Description
Room information Get the list of rooms and the devices in each room for the central control device.
Device list Get the device list.
Device information Get the DPs and the status of DPs for a single device.
Device control Get the value of a DP for a single device.

Scene control

Capability Description
Get scene list Get the list of all scenes for the central control device.
Synchronize the scene When the scene information on the mobile app and the device is inconsistent, the device can request scene data synchronization.
Run the scene Tap-to-run scenes that can be triggered through local control, LAN control, or cloud control.

Voice services

Capability Description
Upload voice data Upload PCM audio to the cloud.
Voice control
  • Turn on/off the mic.
  • Turn on/off Bluetooth playback.
  • Play/pause/previous/next.
Adjust volume Adjust the device volume.
Pair devices by voice Pair Wi-Fi devices or sub-devices by voice.
Voice conversation Get the weather, play music, radio stations, or stories, and have a continuous conversation with the voice assistant.
Play text Play the text content.
Set nickname Set a nickname for the central control.
Alarm clock and reminder Set an alarm clock or reminder by voice.

Voice alarm clock

Capability Description
Update alarm clocks Notify the user of the changes in alarm clocks, for example, when an alarm clock is added, deleted, triggered, or synchronized.
Get the alarm clock list Get the list of all alarm clocks for the central control.
Delete alarm clock Delete the specified alarm clock.

Weather service

Capability Description
Get the data of all weather variables Get the data of all weather variables for the central device.
Get the data of the specified weather variable Get the data of the specified weather variable for the central device.
Update the weather data proactively The SDK requests a weather data update.

Support and help

If you have any problems with TuyaOS development, you can post your questions in the Tuya Developer Forum.