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Last Updated on : 2021-11-22 15:07:36

This topic describes the common questions about the voice control feature to help you troubleshoot problems in controlling devices with voice commands.

Which baud is supported?

9600 and 115200 baud are available.

What types of voice commands do you have?

There are three major voice commands that apply to voice status sync, control of features, and functionality setting.

What is voice status sync used for?

Command 0x60: Sync voice status with the MCU.

The voice module can sync the current voice status to the MCU through this command.

The MCU will control the speaker to signal the current voice status accordingly, such as idle, mic mute, recording, successful recognition, or failed recognition.

What is control of features used for?

  • Command 0x61: Mute the microphone.

    This command can mute the microphone of the voice module so that the microphone will not pick up sounds. In this case, users cannot wake up the voice assistant with voice.

  • Command 0x62: Adjust the speaker volume.

    This command can adjust the volume to a specific level between 0 and 10.

What are the functionality setting commands?

What is the production test command used for?

  • Command 0x63: Test the voice functionality.

    This command is used to verify the functionality of the speaker and microphone. The module will record voices while playing the recording. You can use acoustic equipment to compare the input and output audio signals.

  • Command 0x64: Test the wake word.

    This command is used for wake word verification. You can play the predefined wake word to test if the voice assistant can be activated successfully.

What are the media player commands used for?

Command: 0x65. Subcommand: 0x6500 and 0x6501.

This command is used to control a media player to play, pause, change tracks, or perform some other common actions.

What is the ASR result notification used for?

Command: 0x65. Subcommand: 0x6503 and 0x6504 used to turn on notification of the automatic speech recognition (ASR) result.

This command can support the text to speech (TTS) functionality. Assume that a user talks to the speaker What's the weather today? After TTS processing, the assistant will respond with an utterance like Today is cloudy and the outdoor temperature is 30°C or displays the text on the screen.

What is the audio recognition command used for?

Command 0x65. Subcommand: 0x6505 used to find out what track is playing.

This command is used to identify what track is playing and return the singer and song name. The song information can also be shown on the display.

What is voice recording reporting used for?

Command 0x65. Subcommand 0x6507 and 0x6508 used to report voice recording.

This command is used to proactively report voice recording to the cloud. For example, you can use this command to enable button-initiated voice recording.

What is the alarm clock feature used for?

  • Command 0x65. Subcommand: 0x6509, 0x650A, 0x6508B, 0x650C, and 0x650D, and 0x650E used to set alarms.

    This command is used to create, delete, edit, or query a cloud-based alarm with voice. You can use this command to implement the voice-activated alarm clock feature.

  • Subcommand: 0x650F used for the MCU to request ringtones for reminders or alarms.

    When a reminder or an alarm is triggered, the MCU sends this command to request the ringtone.

    The ringtone feature for reminders or alarms is intended to be implemented by you.