Automatic On/Off

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This topic describes the common questions about the automatic on/off feature to help you troubleshoot problems.

Why is my device that is set to run all the time suddenly turned off?

  • Check for any accidental touches. Key dithering is implemented in the software. A multi-point sampling scheme is used to eliminate jitter. Sampling is carried out every 10 ms. The level of the key is read 20 times. If the values read are all the same, it is considered that the key is pressed. You can set the dithering time to 100 ms.
  • Check for a power outage.

Why is my device that is set to stay off all the time suddenly turned on?

Check if your device is set to auto-restart after a power outage. If so, your device might automatically start after a power off.

Why is my device automatically turned off after running for a while?

Check if you have turned on the inching switch feature (automatic off after a certain time ). If so, turn off this feature.