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Development Environment

Last Updated on : 2022-05-09 01:32:18

The development environment varies depending on Zigbee chipset platforms.

The following table lists the chips that are specially adapted to Tuya-defined protocols as well as the environment setup guide. If you do not use Tuya standard chips to connect to the Tuya IoT Development Platform, you need to set up the development environment based on your chipset platform.

Chipset platform Development environment References
EFR32MG21A020F768IM32-B IAR Set Up Environment for EFR32 Development
EFR32MG13P732F512GM48 IAR Set Up Environment for EFR32 Development
Z2 Telink IDE 1.3 Set Up Environment for Z2 Development

This section contains the following topics to help you quickly understand related concepts and how-to guides: