Random Schedule

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This topic describes what the random schedule is and how it works.


The random schedule feature helps to keep your home secure. It allows you to set the start and stop times and the recurring days of the week. Then, your smart devices will turn on and off at random intervals, creating the illusion that someone is at home while you are away from home.


The device comes on randomly during the scheduled time period. This can deter burglaries because it seems like your home is occupied.


  1. Users can set a time period (no less than 30 minutes) during which the smart device comes on and off randomly by using the mobile app.
  2. The device calculates the random intervals for coming on and off.
  3. Based on the server time, the device runs the random schedule when the specified time is reached.
  4. The device comes off after the task is completed.
  5. If the device state is changed manually, the random schedule will not be run.


Random Schedule