Cycle Timing

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This topic describes what the cycle timing feature is and how it works.


A cycle timer will cycle a device between the On and Off states during a set time period. This provides a convenient way to automate light routines such as for plant grow lights or lights for homes or businesses.


Specify a time period to cycle a device between On and Off, and set how long you want the On and Off state to last in a cycle.


  1. Users can create a cycle schedule by specifying the time period (no less than 30 minutes) and the duration of the On and off states (no less than one minute).
  2. Based on the server time, the light runs the cycle schedule when the specified time is reached.
  3. When the specified time period is reached, the device starts running the task from the On state according to the predefined parameters.
  4. The device will come off after the task is completed.
  5. If the light state is adjusted manually, the cycle schedule will not be run.


Cycle Timing