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This topic describes the common questions about the gateway features to help you troubleshoot problems in developing a gateway product.

How many sub-devices can connect to a gateway?

  • Theoretically, a gateway without security features could have 128 sub-devices connected to it.
  • A gateway with security features could have 64 sub-devices connected to it.

How long before a low-power sub-device connected to a gateway goes offline?

If a sub-device does not receive a heartbeat within 12 hours, it will go offline.

Why can’t the gateway work properly after I set up many local automations?

Way too many local tasks will use much memory and even make the memory full. Therefore, the gateway will run very slowly, which might cause sub-devices offline. If you want to control a bulk of sub-devices at the same time, try using the group control feature.

The gateway sends the command to the sub-device again when it does not receive status reporting. Will such resending have a side effect on communication with sub-devices?

This issue typically occurs on low-power sub-devices. If the gateway does not get the status reporting within one second after sending a command, it will send the command again. However, it takes time for a low-power sub-device to wake up, during which it cannot return a message. Therefore, resending a command will make things worse.

You can change the pk_type parameter of the command 0x08 to an appropriate value. Set the 24bit to 1 and change the waiting time before the command resending to 10 seconds.

With a 10-second interval of command sending, the module can resend a command up to six times.