HomeKit Flashing And Authorization

Last Updated on : 2022-11-24 09:20:19download

This topic describes the common questions about flashing firmware and licenses to HomeKit modules to help you troubleshoot problems.

Why does the Work Station field not show any options?

After you enter the work order, you must press Enter key to show the work station options. Then, choose Manual > RF Authorization.

What is the SN format?

The SN format is work order + XXXXX. The last five digits are in hexadecimal format, depending on the number of SNs. The high-order bits of the value are padded with zeros if they are not specified.

Should I choose Work Order or Token for authorization?

If you use the Token to authorize your module in the Cloud Module Burning Authorization Platform, you only have tuya_iot authorization written to the chip, without HomeKit authorization. In this case, your HomeKit cannot be paired successfully. You must choose the Work Order mode to write both the tuya_iot and HomeKit authorization to your chip.

The atoken (Apple Token) written to the chip will be sent to Apple for activation. Generally, the authorized module cannot be paired with the Home app until the next day.

Can I authorize a module again?

  • If you authorize a module using a different SN but under the same work order, you will be prompted with a message saying like MAC address already exists.
  • If an authorized module has been paired, you cannot authorize it again using the original SN. Since the original HomeKit authorization information has been activated in the Apple server, you cannot write it again. Otherwise, pairing with the Home app will fail.
  • You can use another work order to authorize the module that has been authorized.