Infrared Radiation

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This topic describes the common questions about infrared (IR) features to help you troubleshoot problems.

What IR features do you provide?

The IR features include:

  • Tuya’s IR library
  • Control panels for universal remotes
  • Firmware support for IR transmitter and receiver
  • Voice control

How many devices can an IR universal remote add?

Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of devices. It is recommended to have less than 100 devices added to the remote to ensure stable performance.

How far can IR remote work?

Infrared devices within 16 meters can be controlled.

Why does the IR remote fail to add my set-top box?

There are over-the-top (OTT) and internet protocol television (IPTV) boxes on the market. IPTV boxes support live streaming while OTT boxes do not. The OTT box only supports simple control, such as on/off and volume adjustment. Make sure you choose the correct type when you set up the IR remote.

Can the IR remote penetrate a wall?

Wall penetrating is not supported.

Does the IR remote support group control?

This feature is not supported because all the sub-devices added to the IR remote are virtual. Before you perform testing, you need to disable the group control feature. If you have any questions, submit a service ticket.

Why does the IR remote fail to learn my physical remote?

It might be because the data stream from your physical remote is large and the IR remote cannot handle it. You can submit a service ticket to request manual import to the IR library.

Why can’t I use the virtual remote to control my device even if the DIY learning is successful?

  • It might be because your physical remote requires high data accuracy or unmatched frequency causes some deviation from the original IR code.
  • If you can use the interface on the DIY learning page to control your device but the generated virtual remote does not work, an encoding error might occur in the cloud.

Why does the IR remote give no response after I press the button on the physical remote in the DIY learning process?

The IR remote cannot parse the data received from your physical remote due to inadequate accuracy or failure to get the IR data due to unmatched frequency. Only 38 kHz frequency is supported currently.

What types of data points (DPs) are there?

There are system DPs and non-system DPs.

  • Non-system DPs include DP 1 to 13.
  • System DPs include DP 201 to 202.

Non-system DPs

DPID Data point (DP) Identifier Data transfer type
1 The control commands. control Send and report (read-write)
2 Report learned IR codes. study_code Report only (read-only)
3 IR signal decoding. ir_code Send only (write-only)
4 Remote key code. key_code Send only (write-only)
5 Remote key code 2. key_code2 Send only (write-only)
6 Remote key code 3. key_code3 Send only (write-only)
7 Send the learning code. key_study Send only (write-only)
8 Send the learning code 2. key_study2 Send only (write-only)
9 Send the learning code 3. key_study3 Send only (write-only)
10 IR code transmission delay. delay_time Send only (write-only)
11 Remote key code 4. key_code4 Send only (write-only)
12 Send the learning code 4. key_study4 Send only (write-only)
13 The identifier of an IR library. type Send and report (read-write)

System DPs

DPID Data point (DP) Identifier Data transfer type
201 Send IR codes. ir_send Send and report (read-write)
202 Report learned IR codes. ir_study_code Report only (read-only)

Do legacy products support system or non-system DPs?

  • ESP8266 platform: Only oem_esp_irbox_iot_config supports system DPs. Other products support non-system DPs.

  • BK7231T, BK7231N, RTL8710BN, RTL8710CF, and RTL8710CS platform: Only support system DPs.

I created a product with IR features on the Tuya IoT Development Platform but the IR functionality does not work. How to fix it?

  • Check if you have added the IR feature in the Function Definition step.
  • Check for your firmware support for the IR feature.
  • Check if you have enabled cloud access for the IR library, which is required for the system DPs.