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SC183-WN03 is a 3MP Dome camera product developed by Tuya. It contains a high integrated Wifi module, image sensor, SOC, and mainboard. The user can do remote live video viewing, recording playback, and event push via a mobile app. It can match the use cases of home security. At the same time, it has lightning protection and complies with the national standard GB/T17626.5 and the international standard IEC61000-4-5.

Product specification

Parameter Value
Category 3MP dome camera
Model SC183-WN03
DSP NT98562
Sensor SC3335
Sensor dimension 1/2.8"
Video coding standard H.265
Audio coding standard PCM
Day/night switch Auto
Network Wireless
Audio input 1 way
Audio output 1 way
MicroSD card Support
Power input DC12V

Technical specification

Item Value
System structure Embedded Linux system design
Sensor See the description above
Maximum resolution 300W 1296P
Day / night switch mode Support IR-CUT automatically
WDR Digital WDR
Noise reduction 3D Noise Reduction
Video coding standard H.265/MJPEG
Video bit rate Mainstream (HD): 1.5Mbps; Sub-stream (SD): 512Kbps
Video frame rate Mainstream (HD): 1296P@20fps; Sub-stream (SD): VGA@20fps
Lens NA
Audio input 1 way
Audio output 1 way
Two-way Audio Support
Restore default Support one-click to restore default
Motion detection Support
Human shape detection Support
Tuya cloud storage Support continuous recording / Event recording
Privacy mode Support
Connection Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 ac/b/g/n/a 2.4 GHz
Power input DC 12V
Working temperature -20~55℃
Working humidity ≤95%
Reliability Comprehensive lightning protection, in line with national and international standards
Note No customization is supported

Definition of interface


Interface No Definition
CN1 1 Debug_RX
CN1 2 Debug_TX
CN1 3 Ground
CN2 1 Speaker_OUT+
CN2 2 Speaker_OUT-
CN3 1 Mic_IN+
CN3 2 Mic_IN-
CN4 1 12V_IN
CN4 2 Ground
CN5 1 Factory_Reset,Active Low
CN5 2 Ground
CN6 1 Ethernet_TX+
CN6 2 Ethernet_TX-
CN6 3 Ethernet_RX+
CN6 4 Ethernet_RX-
CN7 1 Moto_5V_Power
CN7 2 Moto_OUT1
CN7 3 Moto_OUT2
CN7 4 Moto_OUT3
CN7 5 Moto_OUT4
CN9 1 IR_Cut_OUT+
CN9 2 IR_Cut_OUT-
CN10 1 Moto_5V_Power
CN10 2 Moto_OUT5
CN10 3 Moto_OUT6
CN10 4 Moto_OUT7
CN10 5 Moto_OUT8
CN11 1 White_Led_OUT+
CN11 2 White_Led_OUT-
CN11 3 IR_Led_OUT+
CN11 4 IR_Led_OUT-
CN11 5 3.3V_Power
CN11 6 Green_Led_EN
CN11 7 Red_Led_EN
CN11 8 Ground
CN11 9 LDR_Sensor_IN
CN13 1 P_SD_CD
CN13 2 P_SD_D1
CN13 3 P_SD_D0
CN13 4 3.3V_Power
CN13 5 Ground
CN13 8 Ground
CN13 9 NC
CN13 10 P_SD_CMD
CN13 11 P_SD_D3
CN13 12 P_SD_D2