Bluetooth Mesh Connection

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Tuya provides sub-device SDKs and Bluetooth mesh protocol to help you build Bluetooth mesh products and connect them to the Tuya IoT Development Platform. You can select a suitable development solution for your project.


There are two types of solutions depending on the adaptation level to the chip platforms.

Solutions Adaptation Applicability Description
Sub-device SDK Not required Tuya standard chip TuyaOS-based sub-device SDKs are tailored to specific Bluetooth mesh chip platforms. You can use them in tandem with the corresponding network modules to directly work on application development.
Bluetooth mesh protocol Required Third-party chip You implement the required features based on Tuya’s Bluetooth mesh protocol to connect your product to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.


  • Cross-platform: Abstract away the hardware layer and encapsulate standard APIs into the SDK to support quick integration with Bluetooth chip platforms.
  • Safe and reliable: The proven SDK provides stable performance. All communication data and device information are encrypted to secure your IoT deployment.
  • A broad range of components: The SDK can enable device pairing, upstream and downstream communication, production test, authorization, and OTA updates. You can call APIs to implement the required features without writing code from scratch.

Memory footprint

The basic sub-device SDK runs at least 32 KB flash and 8 KB SRAM. The memory footprint can vary depending on tailored SDKs and application implementation.