Device Debugging

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This topic describes how to debug device features by using a real device or a virtual device.

Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform. Click Product > Device Debugging on the left navigation pane to use the debugging feature.

Device Debugging

Debug with real device

  • Click Add Real Device and enter Device ID or App Account to add a real device for debugging.

    Device Debugging Device Debugging
  • Tap Debugging Panel. You will be prompted with a QR code.

  • Open the Smart Life app to scan this QR code. You will get a control panel for debugging. You can use it to verify the bidirectional communication between the real device and the cloud.

    For example, send a command to the device to turn it off.

    • The control panel sends the value false of the on/off data point to the device.
    • The device reports the value false of the on/off data point to the cloud.

Debug with virtual device

  • Click Add Virtual Device and scan the QR code to add a virtual device for debugging. Click Debug to enter the debugging page.

    Device Debugging
  • For example, after you change the Mode to Smart and click Report, the working mode displayed on the panel becomes Auto.

    Device Debugging