Wi-Fi SDK Applicable Scenarios

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Tuya Wi-Fi SDK applies to integration with various Wi-Fi products. This topic describes solutions to several common scenarios.

Integration with Wi-Fi chips

This solution works for chip manufacturers. The SDK is built on top of TuyaOS architecture and designed for Wi-Fi chips. It includes typical Wi-Fi-based communication features provided by the Tuya IoT Platform.

To develop with this SDK, the manufacturers need to provide the information including chip platform, compiler, and compilation options. Based on your information, the Tuya IoT Platform will generate a lib library applying to your chip platform. Manufacturers integrate this lib into their system to make adaptations to interfaces for connecting to the Tuya IoT Platform. Then, they can proceed with the application code.

This solution is available to whitelisted developers. You can submit a service ticket to request access to it.

Develop smart products

To make your development much simpler, Tuya has made adaptations to popular Wi-Fi chip platforms and developed network modules integrated with standard chips with proven performance and compatibility. You can directly integrate this module into your current hardware and make your product IoT-enabled.

Tuya ensures the performance of the network modules and provides official technical support. You can select and purchase modules for your products and download the SDK to write application code directly without any hardware adaptation.

The standard Wi-Fi modules wireless communication solutions including 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 5 GHz Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo to address the development needs of various scenarios.

Change current IoT solutions

Tuya offers two options for turning to Tuya IoT solutions in terms of your current circuit design.

Use Tuya’s network modules

If changing your current circuit boards is feasible, we recommend that you choose Tuya’s network modules and directly integrate them into your product.

Modules of different specifications and embedded chips are available to choose from. The adapted SDK and open source demo help you have a quick and smooth replacement of the solution.

Keep the current circuit design

If you want to continue using current circuit boards, Tuya can provide you with an SDK based on your chip platform, compiler, and compilation options. This option requires both hardware adaptations and application code, bringing a lot of development work. It is necessary to have a detailed technical evaluation before you opt for this development.

This solution is available to whitelisted developers. You can submit a service ticket to request access to it.