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Updates in July 2020

Last Updated on : 2022-11-08 07:31:43download

IoT Console

The product’s distribution network guidance process has been upgraded.

Optimize the distribution network guidance process and expand guidance methods.

  • Support multi-step configuration.

  • Support uploading step-by-step video and Full Video.

The category to which the PID belongs supports replacement.

Support to change the product from “Other” to “Tuya Standard” category.
Updates in July 2020
Updates in July 2020

Support view Product Operation Logs Online

You can view the product’s operation logs from July 9 onwards, showing only the last six months of records.

  • View portal: Console - Product - “Specific Product” - Product Management - Operations Logs.
    Updates in July 2020

IM supports searching for contacts and chat history.

Support search for contacts, support to find chat records from all conversations/a conversation.

Tuya IM
Updates in July 2020

OEM App Management Service UI Upgrade.

OEM App management interface is newly upgraded, you can easily manage the app, directly to the app-related value-added services.

Operation Manual:OEM App Auto Building

App Device Network Distribution UI Upgrade.

Manage page UI upgrade, added classification release status and effect preview.

  • Category selection is more intuitive.
    Updates in July 2020

  • You can check whether the corresponding category is in effect by status.
    Updates in July 2020

The interaction of the Cloud Authorization Code purchase page has been upgraded.

The purchase of cloud authorization codes supports selection through communication methods and applicable categories.

  • Distinguish between debugging and production purchases.

  • Support for displaying licensable products.
    Updates in July 2020

Value-added Service

Support multiple products to open WWA (Work with Alexa) WWGA (Work with Google Assistant) services in batches, and support online form filling.

Support multiple products to open WWA, WWGA services in batches, and support online form filling.

  • WWA and WWGA certification services now support multiple PIDs to place orders together.

  • WWA, WWGA certification, Alexa, google skill customization support online form filling.

  • WWA, WWGA services support order OEM PID.