Updates in June 2021

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This topic describes the updates of the Tuya IoT Platform in June 2021.

Function Navigation Update Reference
Custom firmware management Product > Device > Firmware Management
  • Added management of your custom firmware.
  • Provided feature support for OEM products.
  • Supported the selection of the deployment scope of the firmware.
Manage Custom Firmware
Online purchase of IoT card & traffic Purchase > Production > Materials & Licenses Supported online purchase of China Telecom 4G IoT cards and traffic. /
Four new OEM App templates App > OEM App > App Creation Added four new OEM App templates: Smart Home, Smart Security, Smart Community, and Smart Home lighting. /
New App SDK type of commercial lighting App > App SDK > SDK Development Added a new App SDK type of commercial lighting. /
Download management My Space > Download Center Added asynchronous download and download history management. /
Updated authorization management of OEM products.
  • Added the feature that allows automatic authorization of your customers to develop OEM products and purchase materials.
  • Supported OEM-based operations even after an OEM product changes to an ODM product.
  • Supported transferring your OEM products to the account which owns the parent PID.
  • Supported transferring the original products that an OEM product is built on to the OEM’s customers.
Optimized push notifications review Product > Device > Notifications Added auto-review of your push notification message. Your message will be reviewed within one to two seconds without manual intervention. /
Fixed the distorted splash page on Android devices App > OEM App Added Merge Images feature to generate splash page and fix the page distortion due to different screen sizes of Android devices. /
Added the selection of whether to support Tuya’s generic skills Added the selection whether to enable Tuya’s general skills. /
Supported configuration of custom documents for voice assistant connection App > App SDK > Optional Setting Supported configuration of custom help document for apps that have integrated with the Voice Skills Account Linking UI BizBundle. /
New UI of the DIY style panel Product > Development > Device Panel Updated UI of the DIY style panel. /
Supported debugging real device Product > Development > Device Debugging Added support for debugging real devices. /
Updated marketing push Operation > Overview > Marketing Push Merged the messaging channels of push notifications and emails into one list. /
Added features to Smart Profile Operation > Overview > Marketing Push Added features to Smart Profile, allowing you to send messages to specified users. /