Wi-Fi SDK Development

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Tuya Smart adapts a bunch of mainstream Wi-Fi chips to TuyaOS. Based on these TuyaOS compatible chips, a suite of SDK and Wi-Fi modules are provided to help you build IoT products and connect them to the cloud.

The SDK includes a host of features and functions to help you develop easily, including device pairing, upstream and downstream communication, production test, authorization, and OTA updates.

You do not need to take care of functionality implementation for different Wi-Fi chip platforms. Just working on the standard APIs, you can connect your products to the cloud and develop the desired applications for your product.

Development tools

An end-to-end IoT Development Platform provides a host of services and tools to help you accomplish module SDK based development with ease.

Development tools Description
Tuya IoT Development Platform It allows you to create products, download the SDK, manage firmware, deploy OTA updates, and configure cloud services in one place.
Documentation Documentation for SDK based development.
Project Hub A variety of IoT projects developed with the SDK.
Success Story IoT business development cases in different industry sectors.
Help Center If you have any problems developing with the SDK, try finding an answer or a solution here.
PMS System A smart production system used for firmware and license flashing and production tests.
Development board An evaluation board used to prototype your ideas and verify code.