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Production Test on Wi-Fi PD Non-Energy Metering Power Strip

Last Updated on : 2022-06-07 07:56:29download

This topic describes production tests on Wi-Fi power delivery (PD) non-energy metering power strips developed with the no-code solution, covering the Wi-Fi functionality and communication capability between the module and the MCU.

Application scope

Applicable to Wi-Fi PD non-energy metering power strips developed based on the no-code solution and flashed with firmware that supports the new production test procedure.

Things to note

  • The distance between the router and the device under test (DUT) must be three to five meters without any obstruction.

    In the use of the enclosed aging test jig, make sure the DUT is not blocked by metal or not surrounded by other products.

  • Up to 200 DUTs can be connected to the same router for one test. Otherwise, add one router for each additional 200 DUTs, or test the DUTs in batches.

  • Try to place all the irrelevant routers outside of the testing site to provide the best signal reception environment.

  • Remove the paired devices from the app and power them off 10 seconds later to test these devices.



Device Quantity Remarks
Tooling (PCBA) 1 N/A
Wireless router with 2.4 GHz band At least one wireless router Connection to the internet is not required.
Regulated isolated power supply 1 Adjustable voltage supports 220V and 120V and output power can be viewed.


  • Start the router, place it from DUTs three to five meters away, and set the router’s SSID to tuya_mdev_test1.
  • Connect AC regulated isolated power supply to the input live wire LIN and the input neutral wire N of the MCU.

Production test process

Production Test on Wi-Fi PD Non-Energy Metering Power Strip