Production Test on Wi-Fi Water Valve Controller

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This topic describes how to test the functionality and communication capability of the Wi-Fi module.


Applicable to Wi-Fi water valve controllers developed based on the no-code solution. This type of product firmware supports the latest repeatable production test process.

Things to note

  • The distance between the router and the device under test (DUT) should be three to five meters without any obstruction. Set the router’s SSID to tuya_mdev_test1.
  • Try to place all the irrelevant routers outside of the testing site to provide the best signal reception environment.
  • Remove the paired devices from the app and power them off 10 seconds later to test these devices.


Device Quantity Description
Wireless router with 2.4 GHz band At least one wireless router A 2.4 GHz wireless router must be used. It needs to be powered and does not need to access the internet.

Test process

Production Test on Wi-Fi Water Valve Controller


  • Q1: The Wi-Fi indicator of the device was flickering quickly. After the power button was pressed, the relay operated only once.
    Cause: The device had not entered the low power mode, so the production test could not be started.
    Solution: Power off the production test router, use the app to pair the device, and remove the device from the app. Power the device off and on again 10 seconds later after the removal. Then, the device runs in lower power mode.
  • Q2: The Wi-Fi indicator of the device failed to be flickering quickly.
    Cause: The device has faults.
    Solution: Treat it as a faulty device.