Zigbee Connectivity

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Zigbee is a short-range, low-rate, low-power wireless network technology, which is a technical solution between wireless tagging technology and Bluetooth. Because of its technical features, Zigbee technology-based sensor networks are used in a wide range of applications, in addition to smart home, industrial control, medical monitoring, sensor network applications, telecommunication applications, and warehouse logistics system applications.

This topic provides the necessary standards for connecting Zigbee devices of different categories to the Tuya IoT cloud through gateways. For more information, see the specific documentation listed below.

Category Standard
Lights Standard for Lights
Dimming remote control Standard for Dimming Remote Control
Smart switch Standard for Smart Switch
Smart dimmer switch Standard for Smart Dimmer Switch
Multi-gang switch Standard for Multi-Gang Switch
Curtain switch Standard for Curtain Switch
Smart metering socket Standard for Smart Metering Socket
Scene switch Standard for Scene Switch
SOS sensor Standard for SOS Sensor
Siren alarm Standard for Siren Alarm
Temperature and humidity sensor Standard for Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Water detector Standard for Water Detector
Smoke sensor Standard for Smoke Sensor
Gas detector Standard for Gas Detector
Vibration sensor Standard for Vibration Detector
Contact sensor Standard for Contact Sensor
Luminance sensor Standard for Luminance Sensor
PIR sensor Standard for PIR Sensor
Interface with MCU Zigbee Connection Standard
Lock Standard for Lock