Global Error Codes

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If errors occur when you make API requests, custom error messages will be returned. This section describes the global error codes.

You can also submit a ticket to request technical support.

Error codes Error message Description
500 system error,please contact the admin A system error occurs while processing your request. Contact your administrator.
1000 data not exist The required data does not exist.
1001 secret invalid The key is illegal.
1002 access_token is null The access token is empty.
1003 grant type invalid The grant type is invalid.
1004 sign invalid The signature is invalid.
1005 Appkey invalid The Appkey is invalid.
1006 not support content type The content type is not supported.
1007 not support Appkey The Appkey is not supported. Use the key generated in the cloud.
1010 token is expired The token has expired.
1011 token invalid The token is invalid.
1012 token status is invalid The token status is invalid.
1013 request time is invalid The request time is invalid.
1100 params is empty The required parameter is empty.
1101 params range invalid The range of the parameter values is invalid.
1102 params is null The parameter is null.
1103 commands issue error Failed to send the command.
1104 type is incorrect The type is incorrect.
1105 missing the header The header is required.
1106 permission deny Certain permissions are required.
1107 code invalid The code is invalid.
1113 please upgrade to the commercial version. The number of users for trial has exceeded the upper limit of 10. Upgrade to the edition for commercial purposes to support more users.
2001 device is offline The device has been offline.
2002 this user does not have any devices The user does not have a device.
2003 function not support The command is not supported.
2004 not support the lock type The lock type is not supported.
2005 product not exist The product does not exist.
2006 user not exist The user does not exist.
2007 device token expired The device token has expired.
2008 command or value not support The command or value is not supported.
2009 not support this device The device type is not supported.
2010 device not exist The required device does not exist.
2012 application not support The application is not supported.
2013 add timer failed Failed to add a scheduled task.
2014 this device does not have any timers The device does not have a scheduled task.
2015 this category is not supported The category is not supported.