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IR Capability Integration

Last Updated on : 2021-08-24 06:18:28download

The infrared capability function is to add the basic functions of the universal infrared remote control to your current products.


With infrared (IR) technology, IR products can control home appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, and beyond. Take an IR universal remote control as an example. It can control home appliances across categories, such as set-top boxes, TVs, air conditioners, network set-top boxes, fans, DVDs, and beyond. It also supports extended functions such as remote app control and voice control.

Note: Currently, the IR capability only supports general integration firmware (WR series modules). All categories will become available later.

Preparations to integrate IR capability function

  • Create products that support IR capabilities.
  • ​Contact technical staff online for configuration guidance.
  • ​Design the IR hardware by yourself. Tuya provides reference circuits of transmitting and receiving ports, and recommended devices.
  • ​Develop or customize IR software.

Relevant hardware reference

You shall complete the IR transmitting and receiving hardware including:

  • Build the reference circuit of the transmitting and receiving hardware.
  • Provide type selection recommendations for IR LEDs.
  • Describe the arrangement angle and protection of IR LEDs.

For the hardware, make sure that:

  • The power supply of the IR hardware is free from current and voltage fluctuations.
  • There is no messy signal under static working and conductive working of the IR LEDs.
  • The electrical level of the receiver is stable under static conditions, without messy signals.

Contact our staff if you have hardware problems.

Note: For more information, see IR Hardware Reference.

Function description of software protocol

The IR function has been integrated into the firmware to support the IR transmitting and receiving (DIY) functions. You only need to focus on the development of other business functions.

Indicate the logic status of IR transmitting and receiving, that is, the general firmware will notify the status through the serial port command. For more information about the protocol, see the Serial Port Protocol.

Overall test and joint debugging

After completing the following preparations, you can start the joint debugging of IR functions.

  • The IR parameters have been configured in the platform.
  • The panel integrates functions of your own product and IR functions.
  • I/O ports are connected to the external IR hardware circuit.
  • The display logic functions of the software have been developed or customized.

During the test and joint debugging, use electrical appliances, such as TVs and air conditioners, to verify the software and hardware.

IR production test function

Besides common IR functions, a functional verification process for IR devices during the production test is provided, which is called the IR production test process. For more information, see IR Production Test.