OEM Skill

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Tuya provides OEM skill and branded skill launch services. After you subscribe to an OEM skill service, your branded skills will be displayed in the skill list for users to search and select. Users can use your skills to control smart devices through voice commands. This effectively increases your brand’s popularity, showcases your brand, and improves competitiveness. An OEM skill service provides the development, testing, and launching of self-branded skills.

Service subscription process

Step 1. Opening the value-added service page

Click to enter the Tuya Value Added Service page.

Step 2. Selecting the required service

Click Smart Voice from the service categories at the top.

OEM Skill

Select a service based on actual requirements. The OEM Amazon Alexa Skill service is used as an example.

Click Subscribe to subscribe to the service.

OEM Skill

Alternatively, click More or the Service cover picture to view the service details and then click Subscribe to subscribe to the service.

OEM Skill

OEM Skill

Step 3. Entering purchase information

  1. Select an App for which to enable the service.
  2. Choose the required service package, view the service information.
  3. Specify your phone number and email address.
  4. Click Submit Requests to pay for your order.
    OEM Skill
  5. Fill in the service information online after payment is successful.
    OEM Skill

Step 4. Selecting a payment method

Select a payment method on the Paypal tab page.


What is the privacy policy content and how can I provide it?

  • Refer to your App privacy policy content with the content matching your skill. If you select multiple languages for your skill, you need to provide the privacy policy URLs of the corresponding languages.

  • The privacy policy URL needs to contain your developer account. If the URL does not contain the email account, your application may be rejected during the review.

What do I provide as my product logo?

Provide one logo for each style based on the application template requirements. Note that a 144 x 144 logo must be within a circle.

What can I provide for the banner images?

Provide beautiful images that can present the App features and ensure that Google and Amazon logos are not displayed in the images.

Is the service refundable?

No. Because allocated service resources cannot be reclaimed, the service fee is not refundable.