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Lighting Scenario

Last Updated on : 2022-05-25 06:49:45download

This topic describes the lighting scenario capabilities provided by Tuya. For example, create a lighting scenario and manage supported devices and protocols.
This advanced feature allows users to add devices across various protocols and categories to the same group and control them at the same time.


Configure lighting scenarios by area or room

Create a lighting scenario simply in three steps:

  1. Select a room.

  2. Configure the lighting effect.

  3. Set the lighting scenario name.

Multiple lighting scenarios can be created for each area or room. The number of lighting scenarios is unlimited.

Control lighting scenarios with algorithm

Control lighting scenarios by area or room.
Users can control the overall brightness with a few simple taps.

This control is implemented based on a certain algorithm.
The control result is also displayed based on a certain algorithm.

Live preview

Visualize the result of lighting scenario settings on the app that promises what you see is what you get.

Users can preview the actual lighting scenario in real time.
Users can also preview the setting result of lighting scenarios.

Scene libraries

Users can combine and preset lighting scenes as desired based on certain libraries.
Cloud-based scene libraries are dynamically updated to ensure fantastic user experiences.

Group control across categories and protocols

Control lighting scenarios of a device group, including cool white lights (C), warm to cool white lights (CW), colored lights (RGB), cool white and colored lights (RGBC), and white and colored lights (RGBCW).

Control lighting scenarios of devices across categories, including:

  • Filament lamp (dsd)
  • Strip lights (dd)
  • Dreamcolor strip lights (hcdd)
  • String lights (dc)
  • Dreamcolor string lights (hcdd)
  • Smart desk lamp or floor lamp (td)
  • Night light (xyd)
  • Ambient light (fwd)
  • Garden light (tyd)
  • Solar light (tyndj)
  • Motion sensor light (gyd)
  • Lighting driver (zmqd)
  • Lighting controller (zmkzq)
  • Ceiling light (xdd)
  • Ceiling fan light (fsd)
  • Panel light (mbd)
  • Downlight (txd)
  • Spotlight (sxd)
  • Galaxy light (xkd)

The earlier data points and custom solutions can be enabled only after your account is added to the allowlist.

Control lighting scenarios of devices across protocols, including:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth mesh
  • Zigbee

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at smart_light@tuya.com.