Production Test on Air Conditioner Mate

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This topic describes production tests on Wi-Fi air conditioner mates, covering the Wi-Fi function, IR function, and the capability of communication between the module and control board.

Application scope

Applies to no-code development IR sockets (air conditioner mate).

Things to note

Remove paired devices from the app when the network is connected, wait 10 seconds, power the devices off, and then start the production test.


Device preparation

Device Quantity Remarks
Device under test 1 /
Serial port 1 /
Stable isolated power supply 1 The adjustable voltage includes 220V and 120V, and the output power can be viewed.
Load 1 Use a 560R/100W/1% ceramic resistor.
Test jig with a voltmeter 1 The voltmeter is independently powered with an isolated switch and power supply.
Zigbee gateway or beacon dongle 1 You need to purchase from Tuya.
PC 1 You need to install 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 or a later version.

Prepare for deployment

  • Select tuya_mdev_test1 as the router SSID, and place the router three to five meters away from the device under test.

    Note: When using an enclosed aging rack for production test, make sure that the device under test will not be blocked by metal or surrounded by other products.

  • Connect the AC stable isolated power supply to the input live wire LIN and the input neutral wire N of the control board.
  • Connect the load to the output live wire LOUT and output neutral wire N of the control board.

    Note: Pay attention to the heat dissipation of the load to prevent burns.

  • Connect the device under test to the PC through a serial port.

Production test process

Production Test on Air Conditioner Mate