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Production Test

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The production test is designed to ensure the qualification of hardware features for all finished products and a thorough test on software features.

Tests in production

  • PCBA test

    The test on the electrical conductivity of the PCB populated with electronic components and the detection based on the input and output values.

  • Final test

    Determine whether a device meets the requirements in terms of design, performance, and features, helping to find errors and correct them before delivery.

  • Aging test

    Determine the defect rate and measure the reliability of products under a controlled environment. It widely applies to electrical and lighting products and smart control panels.
    New products require higher criteria for assessing the performance of components or for the final test. The aging test can expose defects in soldering, design, material, process, and more before products are introduced into the marketplace. It is an important process implemented to ensure the stability and durability of products.

Scope of test services

The test services apply to all Tuya’s products including network modules, finished products, and solutions.

Test solutions

Protocol Solution Connectivity
Wi-Fi Batch test tool for Wi-Fi products Wireless
Access point (AP) connection Wireless
Production test for access point (AP) Wireless
USB to serial port connection Serial port
Production test for Ethernet port TCP
Production test for web host Wireless
Production test for mobile app Wireless
Zigbee Production test for host and Zigbee dongle (without gateway) Wireless
Production test for host and gateway Wireless
Beacon test Wireless
Bluetooth Production test for web host and Bluetooth dongle Wireless
Production test for host (solution platform) and Bluetooth dongle Wireless
Production test tool for host and Bluetooth dongle Wireless
Production test for host (solution platform) and RSSI Wireless
Production test for RSSI connection Wireless
Beacon test Wireless
Mobile app test Wireless

Tuya official production test

If your project adopts Tuya process, the production test documentation will be provided when your project is closed.