Production Test on Bluetooth Mesh Socket and Switch

Last Updated on : 2023-04-19 02:31:17

1. Purpose

Test the communication capability of Bluetooth mesh modules, as well as the software and hardware functions of switch and socket products.

2. Scope of use

Bluetooth mesh switches and sockets.

3. Test preparation

  1. A Bluetooth beacon (you also can simulate with a mobile phone)
    After the beacon is powered on, it will continuously broadcast data with the content ty_mdev.
    If you use a mobile phone to simulate the beacon, you can download the app tools such as nrf_connect and set the broadcast content to ty_mdev.
  2. Place the beacon near the product to be tested.
  3. In the test environment, there are as few non-test Bluetooth devices as possible to speed up the production test.
  4. For paired devices, you need to remove the device by pressing the button or through the app first. After the removal is successful, power off the device.

4. Test operation process

  1. Power on the Bluetooth beacon, make it start to broadcast, and place it near the product to be tested.
  2. Power on the product to be tested.
  3. The product indicator will fast flash. Click the master control button once (if any), and all channel relays will act three times, and the indicator will stop flashing, indicating the relay status. Click the channel button once in turn, the corresponding channel relay will act three times, and the indicator will stop flashing quickly, and the indicator will indicate the status of the relay.
  4. After the production test is determined to be successful, the production test process ends, and the device is powered off.

5. Status exceptions & solutions

  1. The beacon is turned on, and the indicator does not flash quickly after the device is powered on.
    Reason: Check whether the device has been paired before, so it cannot enter the production test.
    Solution: Remove the device through the device button or app, and power on the device again.

  2. After the indicator fast flashes, the button relay will not act 3 times.
    Reason: Device failure.
    Solution: Deal with it as a faulty device.