Product Description

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Product description

As a smart infrared control device, the air-conditioner mate is suitable for household, commercial, and other air-conditioning control fields. The market demand is large and the shipment prospect is promising. Powered by Tuya Smart switches are more competitive in the market. At the same time, due to the standardized smart solutions provided by Tuya, you can save development costs and improve development efficiency to achieve rapid mass production and shipment.

Wireless communication type

Wireless communication protocols: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi+Bluetooth, etc.

The type parameter information is as follows:

  • Supported protocols: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi+Bluetooth dual-mode (dual-protocol), etc.
  • Supported frequency band: 2.4G
  • Remote control: No gateway required
  • Communication features: Large coverage area, fast transmission rate, a wide range of applications, and high penetration rate
  • Shipment prospects: Applicable to most fields. At present, most consumer smart switches at home and abroad apply this protocol
  • User operation: Just connect the switch to the router to realize remote control, timer switch, countdown switch, voice control, and other functions.

Power supply type

Zero live wire power supply.

System description

  • Embedded unit: Connect the traditional products to the Tuya cloud. Upload and synchronize product module data to the cloud. Receive functional instructions from the cloud to build smart products.

    • IoT module: Integrate the functions of software control and Tuya cloud connection.

    • IoT gateway: The core part of devices with Bluetooth or Zigbee protocol. With the gateway, the devices can be connected to the network and communicate with other devices. The gateway can communicate with the cloud and mobile apps by connecting to the router. The gateway can view and remotely control devices with Zigbee or Bluetooth protocol.

  • Control panel unit: The remote control page on the app of smart products and the entrance to interact with smart products.

  • Tuya cloud unit: Tuya Cloud Platform provides self-service software and hardware development SDKs and open and complete cloud platform APIs for developers and manufacturers. At the same time, a debugging assistant is provided, which can minimize the development threshold of hardware manufacturers, save R&D costs, and accelerate the production of smart products. At the same time, it can also help manufacturers to upgrade their software and hardware, and continue to provide high-quality services to end consumers.

  • Smart app unit: The control center of smart products.

    • Tuya Smart app: Tuya’s own app. The developer does not need to develop an app again.

    • Smart Life app: It is suitable for developers or manufacturers who have neutral requirements for the app. The developer does not need to develop an app again but can quickly experience the latest and most complete app functions with smart products.

    • Customized app: It is suitable for developers and manufacturers who have requirements for showing the brand. The developer needs to develop the app with the latest and most complete APP functions as the framework and delete the required functions.

System details

Core function

Serial Number Function Function Remarks
1 Switch Device local switch control and APP remote control.
2 Timing Set a custom time to execute the on/off of the device, multiple groups can be customized, and weekly cycles are supported.
3 Countdown Set how long the device will turn on or off.
4 Power Statistics Real-time current, voltage, power, and power consumption statistics.
5 Air conditioning function Support air conditioning switch, remote control ID, working mode, target temperature, and wind speed gear function.
6 Infrared function Support infrared switch, infrared learning code, infrared learning parameter issuance, device control, and single code ID function.
7 OTA Firmware remote upgrade.
8 Prevent accidental deletion After the device hardware is reset and removed, the device enters the network configuration state. If the binding is not reactivated during the network configuration period (that is, the network configuration timeout), the device will automatically connect to the configured router/gateway and keep the original Related parameters saved by the device APP.

Application scenario

Scenario 1: It is both a smart socket and universal remote control, discovering N possibilities of electrical appliances

  • Air-conditioning mode: Covering mainstream air-conditioning brands on the market, learn quickly, and traditional air-conditioning becomes smart in seconds.
  • Socket mode: remotely control the switch of the connected air conditioner mate to turn on or set the timer switch.
  • DIY mode: infrared learning, you can customize electrical appliances with infrared remote control function.
    Product Description

Scene 2: Remote control

You can remotely control the air-conditioning partner or the electrical appliances connected to the air-conditioning partner through the mobile phone APP, and you can check the switch status of the electrical appliances online no matter where you are.
Product Description

Scene 3: Time switch, carefully record your daily actions

  • Smart timing: Start or turn off the home appliances at a regular time, no need to worry about memorizing, so that energy saving is everywhere.
  • Smart countdown: Set the device to automatically turn off after running for a period of time. For example, set the bedroom air conditioner to turn off after falling asleep, simplifying the operation, and saving energy.
    Product Description

Scene 4: Voice control

You can control the switch of the air conditioner or other connected appliances through the smart assistant, switch the mode or set the temperature of the air conditioner.
Product Description

Scene 5: Smart socket functions

Control switch: Remotely turn on or off the air conditioner or plug-in device, and directly cut off the output power.
Electricity statistics: Real-time grasp of the current actual power, current and voltage of the air conditioner, and statistics on the electricity consumption of air-conditioning equipment by the day, week, and month.

Product Description

Scene 6: Make your whole house smart with the scene linkage

The smart air conditioner mate using this solution can be controlled by the same app as other Powered by Tuya smart devices of different brands and categories to achieve interconnection.
Product Description