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Production Test Platform Instruction

Last Updated on : 2022-03-02 03:55:39download

The solution production test platform is a software tool that provides standardized and modular production test. Supports production testing for different functions of different products, and provides the ability to integrate Tuya PMS services during the production phase, such as firmware flashing, device authorization, and PMS system.


Installation environment

  • System: Support only 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 or later operating systems.
  • Hard disk: The system disk (disk C) reserves more than 200 MB storage space.
  • Memory: More than 1 GB of memory space is required to ensure stable software operation.
  • Runtime library: .Net Framework 4.0 runtime library. In general, the system is equipped with related librariess.


  1. Click Tuya.SPTP.Installer_2.0.0.exe to download the tool.
  2. Double-click the installation package to start installation.
  3. Make sure that Chinese characters do not exist in the installation path. Otherwise, unexpected errors might occur.
  4. After the installation is completed, the software icon will appear on the desktop. Double-click the icon to open the program.

Use the platform

Log in to the platform

  1. Enter the username and password to log in to the Tuya solution production test platform

    If you do not have a login account and password, contact Tuya’s staff Daoyi, on-site process staff, or project manager.

  2. If you choose automatic login, the next time you open the software, it will skip the login process and automatically log in. If you need to switch accounts, please select Account-Logout, and then log in again. If you keep not logged in, all functions are unavailable.


After the login is complete, the software will perform a version self-check. If there is a new version, it will be updated and reinstalled. Please follow the installation wizard to complete the installation operation.

Download Plug-in

When you enter for the first time, a progress bar will appear, and plug-ins related to production testing will be downloaded. This process may take 1-5 minutes. Please wait patiently.


Get and configure production information

  1. Before using the software, find the resident process or product manager to determine the production test process, and obtain the work order and Token.

  2. After the plug-in download is completed, the second callback will return a value.

  1. Currently, the software supports two usage scenarios, ticket scenario and token scenario.

    • Ticket scenario: The ticket needs to be provided by the process and the process route is maintained in the Tuya PMS. This scenario is controlled by the station and is easy to trace.

      1. Classic production test

      2. Enter the ticket number and press Enter. The result is as shown in the figure below. If a certain item of information is missing, please contact the process.

      3. Select the process (ie select the station), after the selection, it will automatically go to Tuya PMS to pull the test sequence (see below for details), and you can directly perform the test.

    • Token scene: Tuya PMS is not used for site control in this scene. Tuya only provides tokens, and the test sequence (see below for details) needs to be imported locally.

      1. Select debugging mode

      2. Enter the authorization code and press Enter, as shown in the figure below, if the information is missing, please contact the in-house process or project manager.

      3. Import the test sequence, select Import, and import the test sequence file (.json format) provided by the factory process or the project manager.


The result statistics area provides some test result statistics for reference.

Test line

The right side of the interface is the test circuit, and each test circuit can test one device.

Add line

According to specific needs, click on the new line at the top right of the interface to add test lines.

Delete line

According to specific needs, move the mouse to the line that needs to be deleted, right-click and select Delete line.

Logging Feature

Select the log in the software menu bar to report and export the log files generated during the production test.

  • Reporting: The error log can be reported to the mailbox of the software maintainer to facilitate the maintenance personnel to troubleshoot problems
  • Export: The log can be exported to the local, including some production test process data, problem location, data statistics, etc.

Start test

Click Start in the top-right corner of the page after pulling or importing test sequence.

  1. At present, the software supports multi-channel operations. If the line is not ready (as shown in the figure below), it means that the operating conditions are not met and need to be configured first.

  2. Click on one of the lines to configure, and the pop-up box is shown in the following figure Ⅹ, the test item marked in yellow indicates that it is ready, and the test item that is grayed out indicates that it is not ready and needs to be configured.

  3. Double-click the grayed-out test item (the connection establishment in the figure above) to configure the parameters.

  4. After the configuration is complete, click OK, and the software will confirm (such as TCP connection, the software will confirm whether the Ping is successful), the test item is marked with yellow, when all test items are marked with yellow, it means the preparation is complete, you can put away the test item list and run the test ( As shown below).

  5. Enter SN (no need to enter if there is no SN).

  6. Click the Run button to perform the production test. During the test, the operation prompt box will pop up when the test item is manually judged, and the operation can be performed according to the prompt.

  7. After the test is completed, the test result will be given in the status area. You can expand the test item list to view the specific test item result.